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Well done me!

I'm the recipient of Indies Today's Best Historical Fiction of 2021 Award. I'd like to thank Joan, my beautiful wife, for her support, and the Indies Today people for the award. I understand that they are a big deal in the independent publishing world so this is very gratifying for two reasons. Reason number one is that it's not a participation award. They said my book was numero uno and who am I to argue?

Gratifying reason number two is because I've never won an award for writing before. For a long minute or two it feels damn good.

Other than my ego, the main reason the award means something to me is that long form writing is an exercise in isolation - a far cry from the visceral audience feedback of writing music as I used to do. It's really nice to know that I'm not just sitting alone typing "redrum" over and over again.

I'm gonna go have a beer. Cheers !!

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