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Cap Sed bk 3 - The Fever of Conquest is out

Wolfe is on the move to Canada in Bk. 3 -

Part of the fun writing the series is bringing to light, lesser known events of the Revolution. Another gratification is comments by readers who are picking up on the parallels between the political wars of the Revolution and today, which I personally find striking.

In other words, we've been there before. Fortunately, there were men like Washington and Franklin who were capable of putting their country above their egos. Men who could imagine a future beyond the avarice and greed that the British colonial system fostered.

I wonder what the founders would think of the country they birthed today?

My guess is they'd be pretty disgusted , especially by Congressmen and women that vocally support dictators, at home and abroad.

At the beginning, Americans pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor in defiance of a monarch. Now there's a portion of the American populace ready to pledge the same to a would-be dictator.

As they used to say back in the day; unite or die.

Entertain, educate, inspire.


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