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Blog post the first

It’s impossible to ignore what’s going on in this plague year of 2020, maybe that’s why I enjoy retreating into the eighteenth century and chaos of my own invention.

How about that election? We received an answer to the question; what happens when there is no longer a societal collective truth? The answer is that a lot of people die. We’re coming up on three-hundred-fifty thousand. A staggering number, but evidently not enough to unite us as Americans. Heartbreaking when you consider that its the twenty-first century and we are supposedly one of the more advanced countries in the world.

Are we?

One thing is for sure, we’ve had a glimpse of how easily social media and propaganda can tear us apart. Democracy is more fragile than we ever imagined.

Americans unite.

That is all.

Entertain. Educate. Inspire.

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2023년 4월 18일

Well I too have retreated back in time since the start of the plague, from the 7 year war to Waterloo and further if you include a series by an author named Christopher C Tubbs ,The Charlemagne Griffon Chronicles , steampunk, revisionist history, I got into it before I realized what I was reading, but it’s a swashbuckler series. I mean all the series I’ve been reading the British navy Americans in the British navy the war on the Iberian peninsula with different Regiment of foot have kept me going during the plague. Your series are swashbucklers too, so thanks I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve read so far, but I’ve stopped a few times and thought, damn how much resear…

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